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Call Me Lou ?

Luis' Place, 435 S. Kansas Ave, is imperfectly perfect and my favorite joint in town. It's as comfortable as home if your home happens to have fantastic food and delightful cocktails. Side note- best Lemon Drop Martini for miles. My home has none of these so it was no surprise that I did my "grocery shopping" here during the last year. Buying upwards of 5 days' worth of meals at a time saved me from eating a 'Charlie Brown Thanksgiving' every night. Cue burnt toast, pretzels, ice cream sundaes and popcorn. I'll take the jelly beans though.

Luis Eduardo Guillen-formerly of New City Cafe- is owner, Executive Chef and my friend. Probably five years ago I made Friday night dinner reservations. It was a bitter cold November evening and my friend and I were the only two patrons. Luis could have called to cancel, explaining we were the only reservation, but instead created a delicious 4 course dinner. The very best part was the four hour long conversation that followed. Amazing food, great conversation and loyalty are big in my book and I found all three here. My home away from home.

Chef is Venezuelan, talks with his hands and comes with a cool accent. When I say his name it sounds like "Louise", but I'm working on it. I'm very sure he can create any dish desired-best beef tenderloin in town {try it with divine chimichurri sauce}- authentic Cuban sandwich-scrumptious salmon and on the last Friday of the month-seafood paella. He makes the best soups I've ever had and his Tres Leches cake is ridiculous. Come for lunch on Fridays and he'll even have homemade cookies!

The restaurant is reminiscent of a speakeasy in NYC with stone and brick walls, tin ceiling and laissez-faire vibe. If it's your first visit, I'd suggest wine tasting and tapas on the first Wednesday of each month. If he has anything with Green Chile gravy- order it! Open for lunch and dinner on Fridays, brunch every third Saturday, special events, private parties and catering. Do yourself another favor and catch his band, Son Venezuela, about town and dance the night away.

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