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Donuts and Devotion

Seventeen years ago, Jake Wall and his family decided to open a donut shop and 'Bakers Dozen' was born

. Starting a small, family-owned business is not as simple as that sentence implies. They wanted to ensure their family member suffering with mental health issues would always be employed. Talk about devotion! In the course of 17 years, they had 11 different shops & supplied the hospitals and local quick shops.

The pandemic almost did them in-closed down for two months, then short on supplies and staff. For eight months he ran one shop by himself, temporarily closing the other. Pre-pandemic, he had 23 employees, now 8. Despite huge business losses, Jake continued his annual donations to local charities, including Boys and Girls Club .

"It's allowed for a reset of customer expectation. During the height of the pandemic I couldn't even buy sugar", explains Wall.

He's the guy you want to hang out with -intelligent, chill and kind. Donuts are made fresh daily, unlike that other donut place that just thaws them. He's a father, husband and cares about his community. He creates an outstanding donut and you should buy one or 12!

Bakers Dozen has two locations in Topeka: 1949 NW Topeka Blvd and 3627 SE 29th. Open daily except Monday. #eatlocal #supportsmallbusiness

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