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Feed Your Soul

Nanny,s Soulfood, 2410 SE 6th, serves love on a plate. Owner, Shavonn Smith, has a heart of gold and makes THE best mac-n-cheese. Sorry Mom. She has served free Thanksgiving meals to those in need, provided candy to children on Halloween and organized gatherings to support our community. She's a woman you adore immediately.

It's difficult to chose a favorite, but if I must...the combination of Basa, greens, mac-n-cheese and cornbread create the perfect plate. Basa is a species of catfish that stands up well to being fried. Then again, you can't go wrong with Kool-aid pickles, fried candy bars, seafood gumbo, fried ribs with cabbage, Shrimp Etouffee , Monte Cristo sandwich, fried green tomatoes, smothered pork chops-dang I'm hungry now. Specials include a remarkable Seafood Boil !!! This dish is not only delicious, it's beautiful and truly a great deal.

Do what makes your soul happy- EAT HERE!

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