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La Casita-Topeka, KS

Address: 3032 SE 6th

Hours: M-SAT: 10a – 9p

The steak gorditas from La Casita are a treat for lunch or dinner wrapped in a warm corn tortilla. Spice them up with homemade tomatillo sauce. Juan Carlos Morales along with his wife, Maria, started with a food truck and have been in their cozy restaurant for two years. House specialties

Include: Barbacoa, Sopes, Mulitas and Menudo on weekends.

LA CASITA – Golden Mile

[note from editor] seveneightfive is historically bias to restaurants located on the Golden Mile – especially if a restaurant has two locations, we have always preferred and recommend the one on East Sixth Street; but Holliday Park, in and of itself, is a gem which we also have much admiration.

La Casita Café, located in Holliday Park at the corner of 12th + Taylor, opened November 2019. We strongly encou

rage you to eat at both locations.

LA CASITA CAFE – Holliday Park 800 SW 12th st M-F: 10:30a – 3p

Yes, they have Taco Tuesday – $1 pork, chicken and beef tacos. seveneightfive recommends their sopes (after a gordita, of course).

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