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Let's All Have Some Pie

Wearing a nursing cap with voluminous '80s hair was, well, not delightful. Add in the white shoes, white stockings plus a student nurses uniform with the requisite stethoscope flung around the shoulders and you’ll have fashion nightmares for a week. At least

nurses are no longer tested on how tightly we’re able to make a bed.

I worked two jobs during nursing school- admissions assistant-showing prospective students and their families around campus. ‘A day in the life’ sort of deal. Plus, working in the campus library which was fitted in a quintessential ‘small town Maine’ chapel. This afforded me the time needed to read the 300 plus pages of assignments each night. I’m surprised I still have two eyeballs.

In the summer I worked in a nursing home. When I say work, I mean WORK. I was just 18 years old and exhausted. One of my sweet patients spoke only about pie–quite literally. “Do you have pie?" “I like pie.” She'd answer questions with “What about pie?” “Let’s all

have some pie!” Otherwise, she was mute. I think of her whenever I have pie.

Bradley’s Corner Café in the NOTO Arts District has been a Topeka staple for 16 years and certainly well known for their pies and pie selection, on any given day they have 20 plus different types. Bradley retired last year and sold the café to employee James Urton. Since

then, the restaurant has expanded into the adjacent building, doubling its capacity to seat 117 people. That's a lot of pie people.

As James transitions from cook to pie maker/owner, he shares some of his Bradley favorites: favorite item on the menu–chicken fried steak; most requested pie flavor–coconut cream.

Bradley's Corner Cafe is open daily for your fix on diner staples. Try the "Everything Omelet" with, everything. Don't forget lunch and dinner and "Let's all have some pie".

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