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Oh, This Cafe !

Pack your bag-we're traveling to Korea. O Cafe is located at 1530 West 6th in an unassuming, 'I didn't know THAT was there' strip mall. Inside you'll find outstanding, authentic dishes made by the sweetest petite Korean woman. With fresh Kimchi at the ready, you'll be greeted warmly and advised on menu options. The owner will even demonstrate how to properly eat your chosen dish as she sees fit. She feeds your brain and belly! It really is like walking into someone's home kitchen. It's difficult for me to resist the seafood pancake (Pajeon) Cooked with shrimp, calamari and green onions-served with sweet & spicy sauce. Oh lawd! Another fav is Japchae- sweet potato stir fried noodles in onion boiled broth cooked with spinach, carrots, onions-add a protein or not. Of course, you may also try Ramen, the ever popular Bulgogi or throw caution to the wind (a personal favorite) and just say "Surprise Me". Some of the very best things in life are not on the menu. That goes for restaurants, traveling and life in general. Why do I write these when I'm hungry? Never mind- they are temporarily closed for remodeling (July '21) Worth the wait.

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